Curb Appeal

When looking for ideas on how to improve the curb appeal of a home, the owner needs to take a walk down their own street and through the neighborhood. How does their property compare to the ones around them? Why did that home one street over sell so quickly? This small amount of research offers numerous visual representations of great curb appeal.

Some ideas for minor improvements to a property to increase its curb appeal can come from asking a┬áproperty inspector. Any trees overshadowing the house and looming in danger of falling need to be cut back or totally removed. No one will see the beauty of a home when it’s hidden in shadows and climbing ivy. If the idea of repainting the entire home isn’t feasible, touching up the worst areas can make a huge difference, as can cleaning or replacing any shutters. A house won’t sell if no one ever gets beyond the outside to look within. The curb appeal of a home is a sign of status and pride. A potential buyer does not want to weigh up the cost and labor involved to make their new home feel like a new home. So, simply by opening up the landscaping by removing trees, brush and clutter makes it feel more welcoming. In fact, your curb appeal, including mowing the yard, adding colorful blooms and pressure washing the driveway can help a potential customer envision their young children playing in the yard and adding chalk games to the front driveway. Curb appeal is about creating an environment that helps your buyer see themselves living in your home.

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