Kitchen rollouts

Your kitchen storage space requirements depend upon your cooking and shopping habits, the size of the household and your individual lifestyle. If stored items are organised, then finding and accessing them becomes much easier and quicker. A skilled kitchen designer can work with you to improve your storage space utilisation – enhancing both ergonomics and access.

The use of shelves in base cabinets is poor ergonomics: It makes it very difficult to find items as it is impossible to gain an overview of the entire cabinet contents. It is quite common for a kitchen user to have to bend and stretch when searching for something. Equally they frequently have to remove the contents at the front in order to get to the items at the back.

Choosing drawers for your lower cabinets provides far more flexibility meaning kitchen elements can be stored and retrieved easily. Baseline drawers are also better for storing large items such as pots, frying pans and casseroles. Whilst rollout trays provide similar functionality they require additional cabinetry: doors and rollout trays.

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