Screened Canopy Rooms

Screened Canopy Rooms are perfect for adding beautiful art and design to any residential space while increasing the usability of any interior room.

Room separators are on demand replacement options, especially in space-challenge living areas such as apartment, dorm or condo loft. They are designed to provide privacy, redirect foot traffic, block or diffuse light, create a cozy and comfortable nook or hide clutter.

Room separators are available in many styles. If you want a divider that will give you complete privacy but still allow the air and light to still come through the enclosed area, then consider a louvered-style divider. It is designed with slats to allow light to filter through and enhance air movement.

Sliding, bi-folding and folding styles are perfect for small bedrooms or any room with limited space. They are opened without the need to clear up a space in front. On the other hand, dividers with mirror can both be decorative and functional. They can visually expand your room while at the same time, you can use them as a full length mirror.

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