Staircase With Storage

Using stairs as a storage space is not something that is new. In fact, it is old news but what takes these ideas apart from the usual is that they are easy to do and do not require you have some special knowledge on carpentry. These ideas are as basic as it can get and only need some slight adjustment to your current stairway design.

A good way to save on space with your stairs is to incorporate multiple vertical shelves into your stair design. This is applicable to straight stairs which have a space underneath. Converting this space can mean an added storage for things such as magazines, journals, albums, umbrellas, framed pictures, or books that do not fit into the bookshelf.

Even curved stairs can be converted into useful storage. Appliances such as your refrigerator and dishwasher can be tucked under your stairs. This not only saves you space on you stairs but in your kitchen as well. Be sure to place appliances that do not heat up such as toasters, ovens, or microwaves which can possibly cause a fire. Just make sure that the height of the space under your staircase is enough to tuck the appliances in, and just enough so it can “breathe”. You know how sensitive appliances are when it comes to engine heat.

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