Wallpaper On Wall

There are so many designs, colors and techniques of how to decorate the wall that we might get dizzy from all of that. And what is worse there are no rules that we should have a wallpaper in more traditional interior and a photo wallpaper and wood on the wall in the modern house. Well, it’s not that bad at all cause we have a wider field to use our imagination, play with colors, designs.

We can mix and match old furniture with new accessories and ornaments. Also with those on the walls. From a different side we can put new furniture and have the walls made in the traditional way with traditional wallpaper. The newest and the most effective, cheap way of decorating the walls is to paint only one of them. And according to trends it has to be intensive color – purple, red, bronze. And what are the other ways to decor the wall (and not also wall)?

We might use decorative plaster. It has an unusual structure – irregular and rugged which makes a nice look of the wall. But there is one condition: it can’t be covered up by furniture. Otherwise it loses decorative flow. Very effective is also Italian technique called “stucco lustro” which means in English “sparkling plaster”. It’s quite expensive plaster that is imitating…. and reflex the light. But we can make “stucco lustro” ourselves – easier and cheaper just by painting the wallpaper with a sparkling paint. Perfectly in yellow or orange color.

To make an unusual wall we can just use a colorful wallpaper which will bright up the room. They wallpapers made of paper and made of material – first cheaper, second more expensive. Most popular now are the one with big flower ornaments, that has dark, intensive colors. But because of those colors and design they look good only in big, bright interiors. In a small room they will make a worse effect making the interior visibly smaller than it is.

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